Healing is scary again!

I have this level 70 priest that’s been gathering dust on Scarlet Crusade. She may not have been THE first Draenei I made when BC came out, but she was the first I did anything with. I made her shadow, theorizing that I had a healer I loved and a melee DPS’er in the form of my rogue, so I needed a ranged DPS to have one of every kind of toon I wanted to be able to offer up to folks (never have I desired to tank). Thus Marinka was leveled. I got her to 70 and eventually managed to deck her out in Karazhan purples, but I don’t know if I ever really *got* shadow. I didn’t have Recount back then, but I can only guess my numbers weren’t like WOAH. I probably sucked. When WoLK came out, I leveled my gal Endy first. When the time came to decide which toon to level next, my brand spanking new DK got picked and I never really did much with Marinka after that.

Fast forward a year and a half-ish. I’m now on Thorium Brotherhood and have my pally and DK (I do like that combination, it seems). I’d made a druid alt, intending on making her a second healer…to see how the other side lived. You know, those with HoT’s and fancy healing spells of all sorts. More than the measly 2 (3 if you’re feeling generous and count Holy Shock) Endy has. The poor druid hasn’t managed to make it past level 23 in the months I’ve had her. I hate leveling and I’m already working on Endy 2.0 on Scarlet Crusade, so the druid’s gotten no attention.

My guildie Askevar has a Discipline priest and LOVES it. She thinks it’s the cats meow and has often spoken glowingly of it and how it’s so different because it mitigates damage and you have to predict what’s coming vs just reacting to damage after it happens. I thought, “Man, if I ever take up my priest again, maybe I could give healing a go, since shadow wasn’t a good fit.” Course, she’s on my old server and I’m already working on Endy 2.0. If I started working on Marinka, that’d be another character taking time away from ThoBro (which I consider my main server). Oh well. Then, just last week, I was talking to a priest in my guild, and she was telling me about how she was mentoring another shadow priest.

“Yeah, I had a shadow priest once upon a time,” says I. “But she’s getting all dusty..haven’t played her in so long she’s got no spec from the last time they got reset, whenever that was.”


/transfer priest to ThoBro (and rename her, because appearantly Marinka’s already taken)

With a new name and new spec, I’m ready to rock the bubbles! But omigosh, it’s SO WIERD. I’ve been reading disc priest blogs, watching video’s on YouTube and grilling Askevar, but all that just cannot prepare you for the complete and utter change in healing styles. I counted no less than 12 healing spells (there may be more) I have at my disposal. TWELVE. I’m kinda overwhelmed. Maybe it’s because I’ve been healing more or less for 5 years on Endy and unless it’s progression content, I am not prone to getting super flustered while healing on her. When things are going downhill fast, I know which buttons to hit, what abilities I have at my fingertips to pull things out of the fire. I’ve never healed on anything other than a paladin (unless you count the one trip my druid made to the Deadmines or the one occasion where my priest healed an Auchindoun instance and I got the crap scared out of me). On my priest, I quickly get overwhelmed if things aren’t fairly calm. I’ve only done like, 3 instances so far (mostly with guildies) and I know the thing to do is just keep throwing myself into instances, but it’s scaaaaaary! I’ll keep pestering Askevar and looking for nifty blogs to help newbs like me. I certainly look forward to leveling the priest again and learning how to be something other than a pally healer.

Hugs n bubbles!


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6 Responses to Healing is scary again!

  1. zelmaru says:

    There are a LOT of spells and stuff to remember. When learning all of them, I had the spell names of the ones I often forgot to use TAPED to the edges of my monitor, along with the keybinds. It did work… seeing those names every day, I would be more likely to remember I had guardian spirit, divine hymn, etc. Having a spell for every occasion is great once you learn them. It can save your butt. But the learning process is hard, especially when you run out of keybinds!

    • Endyme says:

      My biggest problem at first, once I specced the wanna-be Disc priest out, was rearranging my action bars. I tried to logically arrange my spells in an order that made some kinda sense to me, which entailed me reading and re-reading what they all do. That took forEVER. But using post-it notes to remind myself of some spells..hmm. May use that (or some variation, like notes I can refer to off to the side).

      Ugh, keybinds! I’ve only bound PW: Shield and Mass Dispell because those aren’t on my main action bar. On the main one, numbers work fine for me. The problem is that when the $^@$ hits the fan, I tend to revert to ‘pally mode’ and mash the numbers my measly 3 healing spells are on which doesn’t work quite as well on the priest.

  2. Kanrad says:

    Keep in mind that while you have a lot of spells some are not very useful as a Disc priest. Others are situational and some are for raid healing vs Tank healing.

    Come Cata your likely to use more of them than you would currently. For now there are only a hand full you’ll need. Mostly your gonna bubble and throw Penance along with Renew (your HoT) and the occasional Flash Heal to top them off. You can sometimes toss the group heals also but I think only one is really effective, Circle of Healing I believe, when needed.

    You already have the most important part of being a healer down. Instinct plus experience from Endy will guide you a lot further than a person truly new to healing.

    I have no doubt you’ll do just fine =)

    • Askevar says:

      the only real group heal we have is prayer of healing. Holy priests get circle of healing… [not counting the hymn there]

      I leveled disc but when I started healing, I started using PW:Shield [glyphed], flash heal and penance mostly [occasional greater heal here n there], expanding as I saw fit to the other heals. I still don’t use them all as efficiently as I should, but it works.

      Start with those heals as your foundation and work out from there. You’ll do fine. You’ll have some misqueues but if you want to learn to disc, I know you can do eet!!!

      • Endyme says:

        I tell you one thing, it’s fun (in a wierd way) being scared out of my mind while healing. I’ve been playing Endy for so long, the confidence and instincts are there. Even when learning a new fight (omg, Sindy was at 25-ish% the other night!), I know what I’m working with and just need to learn how to apply it to the new encounter. On Ryska, it’s all “Eeeeeeeee! People are dying! What do I do!? *mashes random buttons* Bubble! Bubble! omg!” I’m not yet comfortable with what all my various heals do, but I’ll learn.

        Penance is AWESOME! I loves it precious. And hey, by the time I hit 80, I’ll have a nice chunk of Triumph emblems and I can go to town and buy tons of goodies. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send all your unwanted, unused emblems to other toons? Oh well.

    • Endyme says:

      Re: healing instincts- It helps and hurts at the same time. Maybe it comes from never having played any other healer but Endyme. I find that when more than one person it taking damage, my instinct (put HL on the most damaged, which heals them and the tank who has Bacon, a quick Holy Shock on someone else til I can pay more attention to them and FoL on others who may need a quick heal) only serves to panic and fluster me til I can remember exactly which spell would be best served to heal folks. I’ll get better with time, I know, but til then….eeeeeeeeee!

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