Blackrock morons & frosty dragons

So yesterday, both the servers I claim as ‘mine’ were down for 24 hour maintenance of some sort, in preparation for Cata, I assume. So I decided to see if my undead Endyme over on Argent Dawn was still in <SAN> and lo and behold, she was! *whew* I hadn’t logged on in so long, I was playing catch up for a bit, trying to figure out what I’d last been doing on Endy 3.0. I popped by IF to sort out my bank, possibly see what was on the AH, etc and came across many lowbie gnomes from Blackrock (their guild names or actual names kinda gave it away) mocking other player’s gear, enchants, gems, etc. Generally just being immature jerks. I just stood nearby and watched for a bit, because to engage them in conversation is to feed their trollishness unfortunately. There was no good way I could think of to show them just how unclassy they were being. So I emoted popping and eating popcorn and sat and watched as a few natives engaged them in conversation, trying to show them what for and ended up probably giving the Blackrock idiots a few minutes of fun times. Eventually I’d had enough of the stupid and quested with Askevar some before calling it a night.

On to more exciting news! Sindragosa. She seems to be the next target of choice for the Happy Fun Crew. We’d tried her the night of our victory over Dreamwalker and didn’t do tooooo badly for being quite unprepared. So we figured we’d have a go at her Monday after downing Festergut and his equally hideous twin, Rotface. I’m not sure if it’s just luck, our awesome skill, both or what, but we ended up getting her to 55% on our 3rd or 4th (and last) attempt of the night. The fight seems pretty easy, once you hammer down a few organizational details. You know, where to run after the sucky-in-thing, where to go when you’re targeted for being icy tombed, what to do when you get the debuff of cast-as-little-as-possible-or-you’ll-die, etc. I’ve watched a few videos and even Phase 3 looks like it’ll be not too bad, once we practice a few times.

My only issue so far is that I seem to have trouble getting out of range of Sindy after she does the sucky-in-thing followed by the AoE blast of doom. I keep running once we get sucked in and head out the other side (as we all agreed to do so we don’t get separated), but appearantly I’m not heading out soon enough or in the exact right direction…it’s hard to see around her large body. One time I died, it was because of the AoE blast. Mayhap I need to zoom waaaaay out to help or stand closer to her than I was? I’ll figure it out.

I’d still like to get Putricide, just for completions sake. We’ll get to it eventually. I’m not too hung up on which order we work on what bosses. As long as we’re having fun, learning new things and gearing folks up, it’s all good, yo.

On a side note: MANA. I have tons of it!!!!  remember back in ye olde days when having 6k mana was the bomb diggity. Now, raid buffed, I’m at about 37k and sometimes, it feels like I just can’t run out of it. I know this is not the case, but sometimes I catch myself going…”Wow, I can cast FoL til the cows come home and just NOT run out of mana. This is awesome!” I’m sure things will change in Cata. My goal is to hit 40k mana, but I’m not sure if I will or not. It’s nice to have goals though.


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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