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I has one!!! And it only took 44 treks through FoS. 🙂 Advertisements

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Getting the hang of it

So I’ve put in some time on the Disc priest, enough that she leveled (for the first time in almost 2 years) last night. I no longer feel quite so “OMG, what’s going on? Zee buttons, what do they do? … Continue reading

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Character Roundup!

Endyme’s 10 man crew is still trying to get down Sindragosa. We’re having issues in phase 3, which is craaaaazy times! Mostly the positioning of those darn frost tombs which seem to pop up, like, every few seconds. We had … Continue reading

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Healing is scary again!

I have this level 70 priest that’s been gathering dust on Scarlet Crusade. She may not have been THE first Draenei I made when BC came out, but she was the first I did anything with. I made her shadow, … Continue reading

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Blackrock morons & frosty dragons

So yesterday, both the servers I claim as ‘mine’ were down for 24 hour maintenance of some sort, in preparation for Cata, I assume. So I decided to see if my undead Endyme over on Argent Dawn was still in … Continue reading

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SUCCESS!!!!!!! After ripping though Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, the weekly Frost Giant, the Good Ship USS Lootz, Saurfang and that valky’r lady (who speared me!), we decided to have a go at Dreamwalker. We bypassed Rotty and Festerfart for now because we … Continue reading

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I’m liek, totally a girl IRL (so what?)

/jumps on bandwagon I’ve been seeing this trend in many blogs lately, the discussing of gender in WoW. Either it’s a discussion about people who play toons that aren’t the same gender they are IRL or it’s about how they … Continue reading

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