Fashion help has arrived!

Poor Endy, for awhile she looked like she had no fashion sense, or was color blind and nobody told her that her gear looked like she could give Joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat a run for his money. She had a WWE belt and a really colorful skirt and a chestpiece that may have looked awesome with gear that matched, but the giant lion’s head and bright blue colors did nothing to help her. Thanks to a few lucky gear drops recently, the old Endy is a thing of the past! In her place is a fierce looking goddess of healing!


No fashion sense, I swear.

The new and improved me!

So much better.

Character roundup!

Endyme has had good times lately. Tonight was a night full of achievements and lucky gear drops and I’m beyond happy. I happened to be home when the ICC25 raid was still ongoing and they had a spot available. We dropped Festergut and Rotface before the raid was called for time. I replaced my 2 worst pieces of gear, chestpiece and headpiece that were both ilvl 245, in one fell swoop. In 10 man news, Dreamwalker is thisclose to dying….we were literally a few heals away from getting her down last time and it hurt to have to stop for the night. We let the raid reset this week after extending the ID to get more shots at her and ended up getting right to her before the raid ended. So we’ll have a crack at her Monday. And wouldn’t you know, this Monday is Memorial Day. Normally, this would be fine but I volunteered to work and didn’t quite realize that was THIS coming Monday when I signed up for the raid. So I had to regretfully inform my RL that I couldn’t make it (holiday work hours have me working until waaay to late to make the raid). Hopefully they’ll get a stand-in healer and down her cause that would be awesome for my team. I’m having fun with my dual spec, swapping to the Holy/Prot spec when the raid is going to be taking alot of damage at once. Fun times!

Endy 2.o is making great strides! She’s pretty much leveling every other time I log in, or the time after that. I managed to get her 2 heirloom pieces and that’s making a nice difference. She’s 61 now and closing in on 62. I don’t even have her in Outlands full-time yet cause I’m trying to finish up the Tirion Fordring quests out in Eastern Plaguelands. I think it’s because she’s a paladin and Tirion Fordring is my paladin hero, but I feel like I have to do those quests. Plus after Cata, they may be gone or something, dunno. AND I HAVE BACON. Bacon at the lower levels is just pure awesome. Slap it on the tank and when the DPS decides to pull aggro or is just super squishy or things to go hell and a handbasket cause oh look, another mob decided to join us….it’s cool. I can cover the rest of the party with mad heals and the tank stays up to try and keep the mobs focused on eating his/her face. I’m having a ball leveling her. She seems to have won the title of ‘alt of choice’ right now, which is too bad for my wee druid that I really wanted to get to 80 before Cata.

Celrina is getting new gears here and there, via ICC runs or frost emblem stuff. She got her first piece of T10 just the other day. I think I need to tweak her spec a bit, maybe move around some glyphs, something I haven’t done since she hit 80. I think I can squeeze out more DPS if I change some things and I want her to be the best she can be. I probably should troll around Elitest Jerks or DK blogs to pick up some helpful tricks and pointers about rotation or whatnot. I feel that her DPS could be better and I need to put in some research time to make that happen. Oh, and 30 trips into FoS and still no trinket. Her trinkets and boots are, I think, her worst gear bits. The boots I can get crafted or buy some good ones with honor. Trinkets are not so easy to obtain. Mark my words, by the time she finally sees that Scorpion trinket drop, she’ll have better. If only Deathwhisper would drop her awesome trinket again….*dreamy sigh*


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One Response to Fashion help has arrived!

  1. Tarinae says:

    Unmatching sets are realllllyyyy awful.

    When comparing whether to buy the shoulder or helm with emblems, I decided I had to LOOK at the shoulders and could buy them right then and there lol 🙂

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