Of banana peppers and dragons

Apparently, Subway is no longer using banana peppers for the forseeable future because of the oil spill in the Gulf. Not sure how the 2 are connected, but it seems they are. I’m also not sure if this is just in my area (being not too terribly far from the affected area) or nationwide. Either way it sucks and I’m not happy. So in the meantime, I’m adding jalapenos back into my toppings o’ choice, which I had subbed peppers for awhile ago because they weren’t so blazing hot. Hmmph. (Edit: Apparently some folks are finding this blog via searching for “Subway doesn’t have banana peppers” and similarly worded phrases. Fear not good people! Subway, at least in my area, has gotten them back! For now. Yay!)

Aaaaanywho. Last week my 10 man got all the way to Festergut and Rotface (who we downed for the second time!) and then called it for the night. Our intention tonight is to work on Valithria Dreamwalker. To say I’m stoked it putting it mildly. I did a bit of research between last week, when we tried the dragon for funsies, and now. More research than I typically do to prepare for boss encounters, even. I’ll admit, it’s always been a bit of a weakness of mine. I’m baaaaad about doing raid prep in the way of watching videos and reading strats. BUT, hearing about the mechanics of the fight, I knew I had to step it up. I was vaguely aware that Dreamwalker was a different sort of encounter, where you ‘heal her to life’ vs ‘stab her to death’, but I had NO IDEA it was this cool!

There’s no way to erm, express my feelings without sounding at least a little like a raging egomaniac with an inflated sense of self-importance, but I’ll try. Ok, typically, you have the tank of a fight, who’s job is to crack non-stop Yo Momma jokes at the boss so they’re all “OMG, why you gotta say that about my mom? I hate you soooo much! Ima kill you!” and do what he or she can to DPS while insulting the boss. There’s off-tanks, who handle the insulting of the smaller mobs mom’s.”Yo momma only *wishes* she was worth making Yo Momma jokes about!” You have DPS, without whom the boss would take so….very…..long to die. They’re tasked with CC’ing, and basically doing all they can to make the mobs and boss wish they’d slept in that day. They’re quite important to the actual killing of the boss. And finally you have healers, who make sure everyone stays alive long enough to make everything ELSE die. We’re important too, but we pretty much never (for the most part) actually deal with the bosses. We focus on the other players. 

So this is complete role reversal for us healers. We’re the ones who ‘kill’ the boss, and the tanks and DPS are making sure we can make it happen by managing and killing the mobs that pop up. We’re like…important (in a different way than usual). And holy pallies, oh we shine in this encounter because of our stronger single target healing abilities. I’ve read putting Bacon on the dragon is good. I’m not quite sure though if I should still heal on the dragon or heal myself so as to not waste my heals, which was my plan. I mentioned this to my RL last night and she said something about Bacon double healing if you heal the Bacon’d target. I hadn’t heard that before, so…I must look into this. I’ve made a macro I hope to employ as soon as I get out of the portals, which pops wings, Divine Favor AND a trinket that increases my spell power by 200+ for a bit. I am not sure if I should go for Frost Wyrm flasks or the one that up’s your mp5, but I have a feeling the portals will take care of any mana needs I have so I’ll probably stay with Frost Wyrm. I feel more pressure for this fight. Usually for me, it’s a good encounter when nobody dies, or as few as possible anyhow. This time, in addition to that, the boss has to be healed to 100% from 50% by me, my healing shammy partner in crime and a third healer (one of our priests) we’ll coerce into going heals for the fight.

Basically, I feel like a special snowflake. /raging egomaniac

*Note to self: Seal of Light glyph=good; Libram of Veracity (ilvl 245) also good. Basically, SP is your friend.


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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6 Responses to Of banana peppers and dragons

  1. Saunder says:

    As long as you have the glyph of Holy Light, then the best advice I have read is beacon the dragon, heal yourself. That way the dragon gets the full amount of the beaconed heal, plus HL splash.

    Definitely don’t use an MP5 flask, even my terrible attempts at healing her lead to way more mana regen than you will ever need.

    If you have a friendly scribe, switching in the glyph of Seal of Light and changing to that seal for the fight will also help.

    I also have a piece of Leather Spell gear from ICC that I have gemmed pure SP for a bit extra too.

    But in the end, these are all side things. What will make or break the fight is keeping up those stacks of Emerald Vigor. If you can do that, you win … If you can’t, you fail. Like I have the last 2 weeks 😦

  2. Endyme says:

    Sooooo…Dreamwalker tonight. It um, well, it went. I think in our best attempt, we got her to 67%. But it was our first serious attempt on her. Last weeks’ 2 tries were for funsies. We’re still working out the kinks. It’s the mobs that are hurting us. Plus, I’m a noob at keeping up the Emerald Vigor stacks (Saunder, I feel your pain). I’ve never liked Phase 3 of the Malygos fight for much the same reason… spacial awareness is not my strong suit, never has been. I *think* with practice I can get better at it. On my best attempt, I had 11-ish stacks. Crusader Aura, until I get the hang of obtaining stacks, may not be ideal for now. I was almost going TOO fast, it felt like.

    I was going in the portals every time, but I’m wondering if the other healers shouldn’t go in at predetermined times. The problem was that folks were dying and I wasn’t able to easily split my focus to heal on the raid AND the dragon (which really, if I have bacon on Dreamwalker, should be ok, riiiight?). The other 2 healers, I don’t think, were focusing on the dragon much…I could be wrong. So I think once we *get* the adds, we’ll be able to put more folks on healing the dragon, hopefully.

    Fun times, fun times.

  3. Echo says:

    I’ve just rolled a holypally and from doing this fight on 10man in an ele spec on my shaman, what I found helpful was making sure I was grabbing a cloud just as the portal timer ran out. Sure as I get better I’ll be able to do
    it on the fly but for me it’s easier to be safe than sorry.

  4. taintedsouls says:

    Saunder is right, you won’t need the mp5. I’m glad to see you’re familiar with the Crusader Aura trick, that helps out a bit (and on 10-man you’re not out of the portal often enough for it to really hurt if you forget to switch back unless you have the 5% bonus healing glyph). Also, yes, beaconing the dragon and healing yourself is usually best. The dragon gets the glyph splash plus the mirrored heal (and, despite what people seem to think, if you’re specced for improved Devo, the beacon gets an additional 6% healing as if it’s its own heal).

    I’m not sure what your group makeup looked like, but if they have any way to increase healing on the target, those sort of effects add up fast. For example, I have a holy priest and Guardian Spirit increases healing on the target by 40% for 10 seconds: popping that when a paladin jumps out of the portal with a load of stacks makes the dragon’s health soar (consequently, that’s a great time to blow Lay on Hands). Not sure which sort of priest your friend is, but if it’s holy, glyphed Guardian Spirit borders on OP in that fight. A mage’s amplify magic is also helpful.

    Finally, despite the “role reversal,” the dps play a very important supporting role: if they don’t prioritize the mobs correctly and down them quickly, the healing will soon become overwhelming and you’ll wipe.

    • Endyme says:

      I’ve been forgoing the Crusader Aura trick for the time being, until I get the hang of hitting the orbs whilst swimming around. I’m doing ok at it, but I’m not getting shite-tons of stacks yet. The more I hear from people, SP is the way to go, so I put on my Libram of Veracity and any other SP laden goodness I can find. I really need to get the glyph for Seal of Light and have that vs my Seal of Wisdom glyph as well…every little bit helps, eh?

      Our group makeup is ranged heavy, usually 2 hunters, mage, 2 shadow priest (one of whom goes healy, though what spec, I’m not sure. Holy, I’d guess), prot pally, 2 shammies, one of whom is my healing partner in crime, and a DK. We managed to get her to 75% on our latest tries and we’ll likely get her down with a little more practice. I think we just needed to learn how to handle the adds so the healers don’t get overwhelmed.

      • taintedsouls says:

        One thing if I’ve noticed is that you sometimes have to pause a moment and let the bubble break on you while you gather your stacks. You may be hitting the orbs, but flying right through them. Try pausing a moment near each orb before swimming to the next. Seems to work for me. Hope it helps.

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