LFD and the Impatience Conundrum

I’m noticing this trend in my random dungeon travels. See, my wee pally (Endy 2.0) is leveling for the most part using the LFD system. It’s easy, quick-ish, nets you both XP and awesome gear and I don’t have to to the SAME QUESTS I’ve been doing for years. S’a nice change of pace. So I was in BRD a day or so ago and we were near the end of this hall where there was a boss…don’t ask me what boss or where. I seem to have lost all knowledge of BRD in the years between vanilla and now. I used to know it well, but now it’s mostly gone. Anywho, some mob in the pack attacking us feared us and well…we died. One thing about being a draenei pally that sucks: no Every Man for Himself. That ability is pure awesomesauce. That may have prevented the wipe, since when I got feared, I also ran into a second pack of mobs that sealed our fate.

Thing is, we all took it pretty well. One person lol’d and I think I made some “Stupid fear” comment. The bear tank was like “I love this group!” and was basically amazed we all took the wipe with good humor and didn’t insta leave. Because that’s a problem these days. Back in ye olden times, where you had to make your own PuG from people on your server, and before the meeting stones came about, had to run or ride to the instance your own self, I don’t recall hearing this was a problem. I say ‘hearing’ because I really loathed PuG’s and didn’t do much of it unless Arcand dragged me kicking and screaming. Even so, seemed to me that this new era of LFD’ing is producing people who are hella impatient and can’t take even a single wipe or mis-step. At least this is my impression as a lowbie. On my 80’s, it’s not as pronounced, but even so, sometimes there are folks who after a wipe or two, will just leave with no word.

I know there are some folks who have ‘rules’ so to speak. Like 3 wipes and they’re out, or something similar. Yes, if your group is wiping multiple times and it’s over stupid things, cool. I can’t recall doing that on my toons, but usually a group will self-implode if too much wiping occurs. In any case, some folks have limited time, patience and/or money and try to minimize that. But at the lower levels especially, you will see wiping on occasion. People are still learning the ins and outs of their class, may not have the most uber gear, haven’t seen the instance in so long they’ve forgotten some of the tricks to encounters or where NOT to step. It’s just gonna happen. The wipe in BRD? As the healer, I just couldn’t stop it from happening. I got feared down into another group of mobs, and by the time I got back to where the action was happening, the writing was on the wall. 

But I have been in groups where a person (or whole group) died and they left with no word. Course, I’ve also been in groups where randomly, seemingly for no reason whatsoever, people just leave. Again, no “OMG, house on fire!” or “My wife’s in labor…bye!” or even a “You guyz suck, I’m out”. Reminds me of a pet peeve I have about people who /gquit with nary a word. Why they can’t just say a brief “I’m leaving the guild, but I wish y’all well. Bye.” Even if they hated the guild and there was drama up the yin yang, surely they can say even that. Course, I’m the one who waited til laaaaate at night when nobody was on once, so I could /gquit like the coward I was. Pot and kettle, I know. And I’m way off topic now….patience, some people have none. I don’t mind wiping, as long as it wasn’t because some asshat decided to run around to every mob and bring them all to us or something equally stupid. And people better get used to dying alot if they decide to not pay attention to the fire they’re standing in or can’t play their toon properly or run away from the tank when they have something wailing on them.

I think we all could use a little patience.

*sets up a fire, plonks down and starts to sing*

Kuuuumbayaaaaaaaaaa, my Lord, Kuuuuumbaaaaayaaaa! Sing it with me now, c’mon!


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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