Yay Team HFC!

My 10 man group downed Rotface last night for the first time. Always feels good, that does. I don’t mind wiping repeatedly on a boss to learn and perfect your strategy, but eventually, you like to kill it. He dropped a throwing knife (nobody wanted it) and a leather healing piece that I suppose technically would have been an upgrade for me cause it had 3 gem slots. Buuuut I’m a patient sort and I know there’s a plate piece equally as awesome. Or a T10 piece. So I wait.

We went to poke at Putricide.There was alot of slime. ALOT. Guess I need to read up on some strats. We got him to 86% once. Oooooh yeah. Then for funsies, we poked at Dreamwalker and THAT was fun. Healing a boss vs trying to kill it? It’s a change of pace and one that’s more demanding on the healers than the DPS for a change (in that  you heal him to life vs DPS him to death). I kinda felt important-ish. I think we’re gonna work on her more next go round.

Yay team!


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7 Responses to Yay Team HFC!

  1. Kanrad says:

    Dreamwalker is a fight made for us Holy Pallies. I’ve gotten off Holy Lights near the end of the fight for almost 170k. You should go into the portals everytime they are up.

    Put Beacon of light on Dreamwalker stand right next to her and spam Holy light on yourself if you have the HL glyph. She’ll get the beacon heal and the splash heal from the glyph. Also while you are in the portals you can turn on Crusader Aura for a massive speed boost as it treats that mode as mounted play. Save your wings and other big cooldowns for when she hits 80%, also call for heroism then. By that point if your good at the orbs you should have close to or over 40 stacks of the buff and be doing MASSIVE heals.

    I love that fight =)

    • youyankityoutankit says:

      Well, you were near 50 stacks last time 😛 Just requires practice I expect but the healing power of a pally on that fight is nothing short of impressive

  2. Endyme says:

    Yeah, I was told to go into the portals every time and whack the green balls of healing awesomeness, but it didn’t seem to work (I’m sure I was doing it wrong). The little green glowey circles appeared, turned into portal looking bigger circles complete with an icon (vehicle looking arrow icon) and I clicked and nothing seemed to happen. We only did it twice though. I’m going to see if I can’t find some explanation of the fight complete with screenies perhaps.

    I did bacon Dreamwalker, I had heard that was the thing to do and I do have the HL glyph, so that’s good to know (healing others or myself while standing next to her). Iris was sure giddy about going in the portals…they worked for her.

    Edit: reading up on the portals a bit, it seems like maybe my problem was I didn’t realize I was in the portal when I actually was? Maybe. I definitely clicked on the portal when the clickable icon appeared, I just didn’t notice a difference. I was thinking I’d pop in some different looking environment all floaty like. My reading leads me to believe it looks much the same as the ‘outside world’ does. Seems you have to jump up and swim about above the dragon to pop the orbs. Also, reading up on it, it sounds like you don’t actually have to physically smack at the portals so much as touch them via swimming through them and that makes it go poof and gives you the buff. I can’t wait to try this again.

    • Kanrad says:

      Yup, you appear in what looks like the same room but the dragon is floating and you can now “Swim”. I recommend trying to round up the orbs out in front of her as you don’t have a lot of time in there. Grab what you can by swimming through them. You’ll get a feel for how long you have and how many you can nab after a few tries. I stick to the front area and swim back and forth there as they respawn about the time you clear what’s in front. I do occasionally toss heals on the tanks etc, especially Holy Shock, when I come out to help raid heals. For the most part your best gonna serve the raid by focusing all your time on healing the dragon though.

      One thing I also do, since the fight runs around 4-5mins I pop all my cooldowns as soon as the fight starts and I am in range for Beacon. By the end they cooldowns will be up again for more yummy heals. This lets me get a small boost to the start before i have portal stacks.

      If you don’t already having Silver go heals to help Iris raid heal is best. This fight was made for a Holy Pally and you need to focus pretty much the entire fight on just healing her. Though as i said with beacon you can sometimes help out but the stand next to her and heal yourself with the Holy Light Glyph trick is a massive amount of extra heals by the end of the fight. I typically see 30-50k splash heals near the end with it.

  3. Iris says:

    Good news, everyone!

    We’re going to be leaving the good doctor alone and play with the dragon instead!

  4. inquatitis says:

    As a DPS I take offense as to you saying our importance is like, not important.

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