Dual spec, ahoy!

Thanks to some rather awesome luck, I find myself enjoying a bit more gold than usual. I hardly know what do do with my newfound riches. I mean, I’ve always been fairly thrifty in game, trying to farm mats for things myself when possible and not buying unnecessary items too much. BUT, I’ve been saying I’ll get Dual Spec for awhile now and just couldn’t quite get around to buying it…so last night, I went and did it! Now, Endyme has her main Holy/Ret spec and a secondary Holy/Prot (aka bubblespec) spec. I’ll have to do some reading on Elitest Jerks, where I nabbed the spec I gave her from to figure out the in’s and out’s of it, but it was nice to actually get a dual spec on at least *one* of my toons. 

I did change up the cookie cutter spec a bit, though it’s really something the EJ post mentioned anywho, partly. I didn’t get Benediction in the Ret tree at all and didn’t at all take Imp Righteous Fury because, well, I never have it up and I don’t think the damage it negates is worth it over the Imp Devo Aura I took, which not only improves the armor bonus by 50%, but increases the amount healed on any target affected by any of my auras by 6%. And that’s just cool. I can’t wait to try it out. I haven’t fiddled with my spec at all since WoLK came out, I’m pretty sure. So I’m jazzed to see how the new spec works out. If it doesn’t for some odd reason, I can always grab a Ret offspec and play around with it. *shrug*


About Holly

I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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