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Fashion help has arrived!

Poor Endy, for awhile she looked like she had no fashion sense, or was color blind and nobody told her that her gear looked like she could give Joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat a run for his money. She … Continue reading

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So my new computer is where it’s at. I loves it precious. I played WoW for almost 4 years on a 12 inch laptop with a trackpad, could never move worth a darn in crowded cities because of crippling lag … Continue reading

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Of banana peppers and dragons

Apparently, Subway is no longer using banana peppers for the forseeable future because of the oil spill in the Gulf. Not sure how the 2 are connected, but it seems they are. I’m also not sure if this is just … Continue reading

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LFD and the Impatience Conundrum

I’m noticing this trend in my random dungeon travels. See, my wee pally (Endy 2.0) is leveling for the most part using the LFD system. It’s easy, quick-ish, nets you both XP and awesome gear and I don’t have to … Continue reading

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Yay Team HFC!

My 10 man group downed Rotface last night for the first time. Always feels good, that does. I don’t mind wiping repeatedly on a boss to learn and perfect your strategy, but eventually, you like to kill it. He dropped … Continue reading

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New theme, new banner!

So I finally found a theme I halfway like that has a header on it I can customize myself. I rather liked the one I’ve had pretty much since I got this blog up and running but it had absolutely … Continue reading

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Dual spec, ahoy!

Thanks to some rather awesome luck, I find myself enjoying a bit more gold than usual. I hardly know what do do with my newfound riches. I mean, I’ve always been fairly thrifty in game, trying to farm mats for … Continue reading

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