Here thar be changes

I’m sure by now many have heard about the changes to raiding and how they’re tossing out emblems and going with more of an ‘honor point’ like system in Cataclysm. In case you are confused and don’t know of what I speak, live under a rock or just haven’t read up the latest: click me and me too!

I’ve read some interesting posts on the blogosphere, which is eating this up, in a ‘omg, things are happening and I has an opinion!’ sense. My guildie Askevar is bewildered, relieved and thinks this could herald the end of 25 mans. Larisa over at The Pink Pigtail Inn is cautious, not yet ready to condemn 25 mans (she is one), and wants to see what incentives Blizzard will over in the way of the new guild leveling system or something else. On the other hand, Big Bear Butt (that’s alot of B’s in there) is pretty giddy over the proposed changes. 

I’m just of the wait and see mindset. This’ll be my third expansion (back in my day, uphill, snow, both ways, yadda yadda) and I’ve seen some pretty big changes come out before. I remember how it was when Blizzard announced that 40 man raids were going the way of the dinosaur back when TBC was about to come out. I remember what all happened to guilds because of that…either they broke up, splintered into smaller guilds, or folks left to seek smaller pastures, since they no longer had to maintain such great numbers to stock raids. Things really got shook up. So this news is already slightly less OMG WOAH than before, because 25 mans are not being eliminated entirely, just…made potentially more irrelevant. My ‘wait and see’ attitude is due to the fact that not everything is out (much less finalized) yet. As Larisa mentioned in her post, we have yet to see any details on the guild leveling thing and other potential incentives to lure raiders into doing 25 mans now that the lockouts are shared and the same loot drops from both. We just don’t have all the information yet.

It’s wierd, but if I had to identify myself as a 10 or 25 man raider, I’d be flummoxed. I do and enjoy both. I raid 10 mans more than 25’s, because lets face it, it’s quicker and easier to wrangle 10 folks together than 25. I’m sure if you asked a Raid Leader they’d be more inclined to favor 10 mans, because it’s less of an organizational nightmare and they may be secretly (or not so secretly) cheering at this news. I’m not, I’m just a grunt to heals who she’s told and enjoys hanging out with my guildies. I can’t even begin to guess how this will affect raiding in Cata. Certainly not as bad as TBC where guilds were faced with possibly trimming their ranks because 40 mans were well and truely dying, but I do think some guilds will either go bust or thrive depending on their current focus. Some probably have to do some adjusting and there will probably be some people leave their guilds over it all. Who knows? 

I posted my feelings in Askevar’s post about what this means for my guild. To quote a wise and wonderf…fine, to quote myself “I don’t know what will happen as a result of these changes. As always, I hope for best, and expect the worst….been playing too long to think otherwise. I think we’ll adjust things once all is said and done. Hopefully, once the entirety of the Cata raid changes is more finalized, the officership will be on it as they usually are and come up with a brilliant plan o action.”  I like getting together with a bigger chunk of my guild to raid because well, when you do 10 mans you’re only hanging out with 9 other guildies vs 24. I worry about potential cliquishness if we just have 10 man raiding for the most part, but we’ve (as far as I can tell anywho) done pretty well with running 3 10 man groups. It doesn’t feel like there’s an “A Team” and then a “B Team” and so on. We’re just “Happy Fun Crew” and “Deathgnome’s Dominators” and “The Wreckers (I think?)”. 

I raid for so many different reasons and enjoy various aspects of raiding and I think it’s why I can’t quite put a yay or a nay on it all. I’ve come across some blogs were folks say they don’t raid for loot and some say they do, others like the social aspect of it all and bemoan the potential change come Cata, others like the challenge of progressing and are wary about what the normalization of 10 and 25 man instances means (as well as adding more, smaller instances from what I hear). There are folks who love 10 mans, to the point where they have 10 man strict raiding guilds, and I wonder if they’re giddy at the proposed changes. I raid for alot of reasons. I DO like getting new shineys, not gonna lie. It’s not my be all end all reason, by any stretch, but it’s a motivation…the *potential* for new loot. I also love seeing guildies get new shineys. Moar new shineys mean easier time with bosses and the potential to see and down new ones because we’re that much more uber. I love hanging out with a bunch of fun folks (hence why I enjoy 25 mans) and struggling and wiping and refining our technique until that magical moment when we down a boss. The challenge of new content is fun times and a bonding process and something we all did by working together. I don’t even mind when we’re stumped on a boss for a long timYe. Sure I want do as much contentYY as I can, but not so bad that I’ll leave a guild to find a faster progressing one.  Reasons I have left guilds in the past, at least in part, have included not having the opportunity to raid at all (either because raid start times are not doable for me or because there were no raids happening when they were scheduled). That’ll get me not happy. 

So anywho, here thar be changes. Time will tell what this means for raiding in WoW.


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One Response to Here thar be changes

  1. youyankityoutankit says:

    Yup. I have to admit I went from the bewildered/relieved state to a “this might work better for our guild” state and now I’m just “we’ll have to see what happens”

    I don’t doubt that WaR will survive. This guild is over 4 years old now and has survived a lot. Change is confusing and sometimes stressful, but eh, we’ll figure it out.

    *praises Endy’s wiseness and wise quotiness*

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