Character Roundup!

  • Endy 2.0 grew by leaps and bounds the other day. I had been neglecting her since before my European trip and was falling further behind my friend’s toon that he’d made at about the same time, intending us to possibly level together-ish, much like our original toons did back in the day. His shammie is now at level 60-something. HOWEVER! Now 2.0 is….*small voice* 49. I’m trying to hold out switching to Holy until she reaches about 51-52ish, so I can get Bacon and enjoy all that the Holy tree has to offer. People have suggested Dual Speccing and I just don’t see the point when I know that once I go Holy, I’ll stay Holy. 
  • Celrina has now ventured into ICC a whopping 3 times and even got Citadel Enforcer’s Claymore off Marrowgar! Her hit is now through the roof, but oh well. She’s gearing up quite nicely for not having regularly raided anywhere, really. She also just got the first Ashen Verdict ring, so that was a sizable upgrade from her Ring of Ghoulish Glee. Oh yeah. STILL no Scorpion trinket from FoS. I’m just doomed to never get it until she’s gotten trinkets that are way better. Then it’ll drop like, 3 times in a row. Mark my words. A really nice trinket dropped off Lady Deathwhisper the most recent time Cel went in, but I lost the roll. Such is life. I just accept she’s got shitty luck with trinkets. Endyme used to have that curse. 
  • Endyme continues to get lil upgrades here and there. Got a nice ring off Festergut and the pants (skirt?) off Marrowgar just last night. I love healing on Endy. I LOVE it. I have such fun in my 10 man group and have declared myself the groups cheerleader (well, to myself anywho, it’s not like anyone actually voted or anything). To loosely paraphrase from a GL of a hardcore guild on my old server: I like happy people. I like raiding. I like happy raiders. Raiding is all well and good, but raiding and having fun with a bunch of friends who won’t call you out (rudely) for making mistakes…that’s just awesome. I’ve read a few accounts of guilds kinda stalling recently out or having issues getting people together for raids because..well, I guess Cataclysm. And I’m happy my guild isn’t suffering so. Oh, there are probably issues here and there. I’m not stupid to think it’s all kitties and rainbows, I’ve seen enough drama to be cured of that delusion. But we’re still going, I’m raiding, I’m happy, others are happy. 🙂
  • My druid, Saelin….someday she’ll gain a few levels and I’ll finally ‘figure her out’ and hit my groove with her. Sometimes, I feel with alts I just mash buttons and kill things and have no clue what I’m doing. At some point, if I find myself sticking with the character, I’ll do some research and figure out what I can do to improve and what stats I need to seek out and gem for, etc. Saelin’s been 22 for awhile. Poor dear. I’ve just been so into working on Endy and Celrina lately, that doing much else is hard.

Completely unrelated to my toons, but Sparkle Pony’s (that’s what I call them. I believe their formal name is Celestial Steed or some such fancy shmancy name) are everywhere these days! And while I’m all for people getting one if they so desire, I just can’t see the point in forking over REAL money for an in game item. It’s one thing to pay to play, it’s another to buy a flying Sparkle Pony. Buy one if you so desire, it’s your money and your game to play how you want. Me? I’ll spend my $25 elsewhere. Maybe on snowcones. *evil grin*


About Holly

I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to Character Roundup!

  1. inquatitis says:

    I like the fact that I supply your DK with shinies.
    Hope to see you tomorrow night.

  2. Endyme says:

    Blizzard supplies the shinies, you’re the one that ninja invites me so that Blizzard can give me the chance to win said shinies. 🙂

    Endy 2.0 is now 51 and I respecced her as Holy after trying to wait was long as I could and it felt GOOD. I just didn’t feel *right* as Ret. Given, I didn’t give it a chance and it’s new so I can’t just feel like I know it like the back of my hand as I do with Holy. If I’d stuck with it, I’m sure I could have gotten the hang of it and stuff, but I knew I was intending on getting my Holy on at some point and..gah, could not wait!

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