Oh hey, Paladin Cataclysm stuff….

Appearantly, there are a few changes headed our way once Cataclysm comes out. I’ve skimmed em.

Guardian of Ancient Kings seems cool-ish. It strikes me as similar to the priest ‘fail angel’, except, like Amber says we don’t have to die for it.

Also interesting how they’re kinda merging together our blessings, though at that point, I have to wonder why they bother with Might or Wisdom or any specific names. They should just make the UBER BLESSING OF AWESOME that does everything at once and bam, done.

Holy Shock and Crusader Strike for everyone…woo?

Longer Sacred Shield! 30 whole minutes! I don’t have to keep refreshing it ALL. THE. TIME.

And wait, what is this about another heal? I…I…I’m confused. Too many heals! Oh Gawd! Which one to choose! Too many choices!!! /flails about in panic


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2 Responses to Oh hey, Paladin Cataclysm stuff….

  1. Kanrad says:

    My only concern with the change to Sacred Shield is what is the Cool Down and Mana cost? If they are trying to limit us to one target per fight that’s gonna suck.

    There are a lot of boss encounters where tanks have to switch off. Being able to toss SS on the current tank is awesome sauce. The amount of damage it mitigates can not be under-stressed.

    I worry they intend to limit it and that would seriously suck.

    As for the rest of the changes, we’ll just have to wait and see.Not knowing how they fit in with all the changes overall it’s impossible to determine if they are good or bad.

    • Endyme says:

      Yeah, there’s gonna have to be some patience with the proposed changes, cause that’s all they are…proposed. Cataclysm is who knows how far away from coming out, so between now and then, I’m sure alot is going to change and there’s no use getting all in a tizzy now.

      At least it wasn’t the complete and total revamping of EVERYTHING WE KNOW like I feared. When I heard our changes were coming out a week or whatever later than the others, I was like….why? I was scared Blizz was going to destroy pallies in their ongoing quest to bring balance to the classes in general and in STUPID PVP. It always comes down to PvP is seems. “Pally bubbles are overpowered in Arena’s, NERF THEM!” “Death Grip is unfair in Battlegrounds, DO SOMETHING!”


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