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The Drama Cycle

Warning: A recent chat with a guildmate prompted this post. These are the cynical, bitter thoughts that once plagued my mind. There may be no logic to it, it may not all be ‘right’, it may sound reeeally, REALLY bitter. It … Continue reading

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Here thar be changes

I’m sure by now many have heard about the changes to raiding and how they’re tossing out emblems and going with more of an ‘honor point’ like system in Cataclysm. In case you are confused and don’t know of what … Continue reading

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Character Roundup!

Endy 2.0 grew by leaps and bounds the other day. I had been neglecting her since before my European trip and was falling further behind my friend’s toon that he’d made at about the same time, intending us to possibly … Continue reading

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Oh hey, Paladin Cataclysm stuff….

Appearantly, there are a few changes headed our way once Cataclysm comes out. I’ve skimmed em. Guardian of Ancient Kings seems cool-ish. It strikes me as similar to the priest ‘fail angel’, except, like Amber says we don’t have to … Continue reading

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Getting emotional in game

One things that’s lovely about having a blog, and one that doesn’t have a high rate of traffic (except for when Miss Medicina linked to one of my posts and whooo boy….my blog was hopping that day!), is that I … Continue reading

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In which I feel guilty

This post is going to be red, because….I feel like it. I’ve noticed something about myself over my WoW raiding career. I suffer from ‘loot guilt.’  See, when I’m raiding progression content, and an item is desired by more than … Continue reading

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In which I have nothing to say

I had the weekend to rest and recuperate from my 2 weeks of traipsing about Italy. I needed that weekend. I wish it hadn’t been Easter though, I was NOT PREPARED. Ah well. I still haven’t unpacked fully (shhhh, don’t … Continue reading

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I return…jet lagged!

Italy was great fun, I’m hella tired, WoW time card expired while I was gone, my feet hurt and I took tons of pics. Good times, good times. So I’m back and will be blogging my heart out later on … Continue reading

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