Should I finally get dual spec?

So I read a post over on DI the Tank in which Pheadra talked about some specs a Holy Pally could potentially chose from. I’ve been Holy/Ret since WotLK came out and haven’t so much as looked at it since then. In my continuting effort to be all that I can be and re-evaluate myself and my ability to heal, I flirted with the idea of respeccing Holy/Prot. Ran the idea by one of our raid leaders (/mooooo!), who didn’t seem to wild and crazy about it, but it stayed in my head. Then I’m like, “Wait, why give up one for the other? I want to experiment, yet keep what I already have and omg….dual spec! That is the answer! Go me, I’m brilliant!”

None of my toons yet have dual spec. Spending 1k gold for me, is just…alot. And I am a creature of habit, I don’t like to constantly change things up. When I’m leveling a toon, I’m still figuring out who they are most times, without adding the multiple spec thing to the mix. The only other time lately I’ve been tempted is with Endy 2.0, so I could get a Holy spec for her, while continuing to have Ret (which is her current spec). But Endyme is my main and she’s the one that usually gets all the finer things in life. Best enchants, gems, mounts, etc. It kinda stands to reason she get the dual spec as well.

So I’m still pondering it, but I am really thinking it could be a funtastic experiment. I look forward to being able to swap between specs when a particular fight may need one spec over the other (when that’d be I don’t quite know. Research should hopefully yield when certain fights would benefit from being Bubble Spec’d). Or just seeing which spec I favor after all. I like Holy/Ret because I’m familiar with it, but maybe I’d like Holy/Prot just as much or more. Maybe I’ll find my healing improve, or feel like I’m more useful because I’m mitigating damage via the Divine Sac/Guardian talents. Who knows?  I’ll probably have to get new glyphs, or all new glyphs, cause of the dual spec. I haven’t yet looked into the glyphs this new Bubble Spec (that’s what the cool kids call it) would need. I think I’ve read the BoL glyph is hotness and um…probably some of the same ones I already have. Yeah, I still need to do research. But Italy is like, in a few days, so it will just have to wait.

Any Holy/Prot pallies have words of wisdom on what glyphs are supercool or any gear changes I may need to look into? I’ve already read about how to use your Divine Sacrifice  and how NOT to die (paladin, bubble thyself!)

This post is green in honor of St. Patty’s Day! I’m even wearing my shamrock necklace I bought at Blarney Castle (though I did NOT kiss the stone cause, ew germs!)


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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8 Responses to Should I finally get dual spec?

  1. Pheadra says:

    I’m so pleased you found my post useful 🙂

    Duel-speccing to see which one you like is an excellent idea. The numbers are not going to be much different, although Holy/Ret is going to be eaiser on your mana. You’ll gem and glyph the same for both– Glyph of Holy Light, Glyph of Beacon of Light, and Glyph of Wisdom are the ones I use. (BoL will save you a bunch of mana by extending the duration of BoL, cast HL on the meele to get a lot of usefullness out of GoHL while you have the tank beaconed, and Glyph of Wisdom will save you a ton of mana. Yay, mana!)

    Holy/Prot isn’t going to drop your healing sharply, and it’s going to bring a TON of utility to a raid group. Here’s an example when I use mine
    –Festergut- Some DPS don’t get innoculated and are going to die when he casts Pungent Blight? Bubble yourself and hit Divine Sacrifice and the entire raid will recieve damage reduction.

    Hope that helps! Have fun in Italy!

    • Endyme says:

      Thanks! I don’t usually have mana issues, except for real *intense* fights, right now that’s Saurfang for me, which require heavy and fast heals. I gem (mostly) for Int. But the utility you get from Holy/Prot, is a draw. I mean, I can be like a Disc Priest and mitigate damage! And play the martyr by taking it into myself. *dramatic sigh*

      Least it sounds like I won’t have to massively restructure everything else if I do respec or get a secondary spec. I was worried I’d have to make all new glyph and possibly gem choices.

  2. Askevar says:

    Several of my tanks at one point or another have had 2 tanking specs – Askevar has had 2 tanking specs on and off lol. I’m about to go back to 2 on her. My pally has 2 tanking specs – because I was trying out the SoComm build and I just never added a ret spec back on.

    Dual spec is great for checking out other specs even within your preferred tree

  3. Ophelie says:

    If you’re doing progression fights with your guild, Holy/Prot brings a lot more to a raid than Holy/Ret does. The only time I would ever recommend Holy/Ret for pve is for a brand new 80 who’s still struggling with their output, mana and spells.

    As long as your gear and gemming is decent for your content level, you shouldn’t notice much of a difference in a your output or your mana. Holy/Ret gives you a lot of crit, which pretty much just adds to your overheal.If you play smartly, mana shouldn’t be too much of a problem. (I do sometimes cut it close on progression fights, but I rarely completely run out of mana.)

    You don’t need to bubble to use Divine Sacrifice because the damage redirection of the spell cancels if you reach 20% health. You *can* bubble if you want to get the full benefit from the spell (especially if you’re in the tank party), but you don’t have to.

    I did a cover of the different talents some time back as well, if you want another person’s perspective. Be sure to read the comments too since there are a lot of good points covered in there too:

    As for dual spec, it becomes worthy if you plan to respec at least 20 times. I don’t see a whole lot of point in getting two holy pve specs (although I do mention that option when I write about specs), but having a pve or dps or tanking offspec is really nice. 1000g isn’t too hard to get if you have alts with gathering professions (I make most of my gold herbing as I level alts).

    • Endyme says:

      I thought I read, maybe in the comments to Pheadra’s post, that the 20% health thing didn’t apply anymore?

      Either way, I think that’s why I talked myself out of duel speccing the first time, because I’m not a habitual respeccer. I’d spend far less money just paying the respec fee each time. I guess in this case I’m afraid of losing the spec I like and feel comfy in while I experiment with the shiney newness of Holy/Prot.

      I read your post, actually. I need to read it again. That combined with Phaedra’s made me consider changing things around since I’m not a new pally and don’t *need* the crit as bad as a newly dinged 80 would. I’m still on the fence on what to do (duel spec or just respec). I have the gold, I just am such a penny-pincher that I really over consider big purchases like duel spec.

      • Ophelie says:

        I think you just misread about DS. What Codi posted in her comment was that the redirection effect of DS cancels when your health drops to 20% but the raid wall component stays up.

        I was nervous too when I switched to bubble spec (and that was back when crit was far more useful), but I found that I didn’t even notice the difference in mana regen. But I certainly noticed the improvement in raid utility!

        • Enlynn says:

          Just wanted to chime in here and throw in my words of support. I, too, was hesitant and a bit sad about switching to bubble spec but now I’m a believer. For a while I had both variations, but some time ago I switch both of my specs to holy/prot because I just can’t live without DS/DG. As an aside, having two play styles at the click of a button is FUN and I hope you enjoy dual spec.

          One thing that I don’t see mentioned often when talking about holy/prot is how much more powerful it makes your Sacred Shield – and having to refresh it once a minute instead twice, to me, that’s a big quality of life upgrade. Anything that frees me up to spend more time healing is a must!

  4. Tarinae says:

    I LOVE dual-spec. As a holy paladin 100% in WOTLK, I wish this would have come out sooner. Being able to go ret for the dailies grind or because I’m raid leader but I have too many healers is just ASTOUNDING.

    It adds a versatility to your character that is worth much more than 1000g. I have it on 3 characters.

    Paladin: Holy/Ret
    Mage: PVE Arc/PVP Arc
    Priest: Shadow/Disc

    And plan to have it on a druid and shaman.

    For classes that can have 2 different roles (ie healing/dps, tank/dps, etc.), it is SO worth the money. If for nothing else than it saves you time setting your bars and talents every time you respec.

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