Endy and her Amazing Techicolor Gear

No fashion sense, I swear.

Been meaning to post this. Sometimes, your gear just gels. It all looks good, be it because it’s Tier gear or random happenstance. And then there’s times like this, where you look like you blindly russled around your closet in the dark and pulled out random bits to wear. Fashion police, I need an intervention! I like the stats and all, but I loathe the looks. This belt, in particular, bugs me. It’s like a WWE wrestling belt or something. “Do you smell what the Endy is healing!? DO YOU! It smells like crispy bacon doesn’t it? Mmmhmm, cause the Endy likes her bacon! RAWR! SMASH!”


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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6 Responses to Endy and her Amazing Techicolor Gear

  1. puggingpally says:

    You know, Endy, it’s actually more like you absolutely know what’s going on… from the waist up, but someone absconded with your pants and you had to make do.

    And even though it’s a bit garish… A BIT – I almost want to say that she’s working it! She looks like, “Yeah, it’s unconventional, that’s just how I roll.”

    Whoever designed all these WWF belts should be soundly thumped, though. I swear half my characters are wearing them at this point and they all look terrible!

  2. Fuubaar says:

    Have you even seen what the t-10 helm looks like on us pallies? It looks like I ripped a gryphon’s head off, lit it on fire & slapped on a chin strap.

    For 95 Frost emblems, it better look like the gods have gifted me their armor sets!

    I feel you sweety, what does a girl gotta do to look cute while tanking in plate?

    • Endyme says:

      Haven’t seen the pally T10, but I have seen what one of my DK guildies is currently sporting for HER T10 and it looks like (sorry A!) a reject from a fantasy movie or…something. It’s cringe worthy. And she’s not in the habit, for RP reasons, of hiding her helm. So she’s gotta live with it.

      So I’m sure the pally T10 is equally cringeworthy. But I hide my helms (and cloaks), so I’m good on that front. Wish I could hide other gear bits.

  3. Jaedia says:

    Haha, I like you, you seem funny (and from comments I’ve seen, SENSIBLE).

    I knew a guy in TBC who refused to take the crossbow from Supremus which was a HUUUGE upgrade over his bow from Prince in Kara because it looked bad and he wanted the bow from Archimonde which NEVER dropped. Was like.. uhh.. why? If we all went around only wearing things we liked, my hunter would be wearing Mooncloth robes 😉

    • Endyme says:

      Thanks Jaedia!

      I have no shame I guess, I’ll take it if it’s an upgrade. Doesn’t mean I like it. My shield (the one from Marrowgar in ICC 10) was a huuuuuuge upgrade over the Ulduar level 219 one I’d been sporting for far too long. But OMG, the graphic! It’s…just so….I mean….ick. The shield from the Chess event in Kara? THAT was a Holy Pally shield, to me. My current one? Let’s just say if there was a “Hide Shield” option, I’d take it so VERY, VERY fast.

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