Endy 3.0 of Single Abstract Noun

Endyme, the Unholy DK

Just a screenie I took whilst slaying undead out in the Plaguelands. I’ve missed having a perma-ghoul. My other DK’s are Blood, and while I enjoy that spec, I miss having Rotsmasher, or Cryptstalker or whatever his name is this time by my side! I had a level 60 DK challenge me to a duel (I was 58 at the time) and normally I’m all ‘Decline’ and move on, but this time I felt like trying it out. I beat his ass into the ground with no effort. Yay me? Then he whispers me, first asking if I have any corpse dust, to which I say “Naw, I got the glyph, it’s awesomesauce”. Then he says “You should upgrade ur unholy, it’s better” or something that was quite incomprehensible to me. I’ve spent all the talent points I have, so I’m like “I’m not sure I understand you…I’m unholy, and I do fine, thanks.” Says the Duel-loser, “No, the talents like unholy blood and frost.” Buwha? “Yes, I know the talent trees.” At this point, I mention this whole encounter in guild and say “I’m not sure if I should tell him this is my third DK” He gave up trying to tell me whatever it was, and I still have no idea what the guy meant. Ah well.


About Holly

I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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