Go Team Happy Fun Times Crew!

Karatheya of Cold Comfort made a post I somehow found my way to via one of the many blogrolls I’ve perused and it made me think, a practice I occasionally engage in. He/She makes a point to say that the post is more for guilds whose multiple 10 person raids are the main path to progression,”, but nonetheless, it made me think about how my own guild does things. And how we make it work, least imo. 

When I first joined my guild, shortly after server transferring and finding myself surrounded my new toons I didn’t know and ack, my action bars went all wonky! What is this mess! *cough* Sorry, had a flashback…where were we? Oh yes. I joined up because of 2 RL friends. So I found myself in their 10 man Ulduar group because, well, I knew em. But the times, it quickly became appearant, were not ideal for me. They raid on Friday and that is the least predictable day of my work schedule. So my friend says I may be able to find a spot in another guildies team that she was starting up (or was already around, I was and still am somewhat fuzzy on that) and it raids later and on different days. Soon enough, I was on the other team and awaaaay we went!

Fast forward to nowish, we currently have 3 10 man teams that run on various days and times. We’re all in ICC and have roughly the same bosses down. The Friday team has downed Festergut, I believe, where the rest of us haven’t yet. There are enough people to mostly populate all 10 on a regular basis…though the third team lacks a regular 10th. Most are populated by mains, though some alts make their way in either to help out their current team, which really doesn’t need another ranged on Deathwhisper and could we pretty please have so-and-so swap to their warrior to get more melee? Other alts are regular fixtures in separate teams, but it’s not so they can grab moar phat loots, it’s to help out the other group with something they need. Heck, even my DK has been brought in once, with the third group (2 have names, btw, one doesn’t-that I know of), which needed a 10th person.

Now, I’m sure it’s not all kitties and rainbows and sunshine, nothing ever is when you’re dealing with a guild with various personalities and ages and play styles. Maybe it’s cause I’ve been beaten down by past dramaz, but if there are any bad feelings or jealousy or ill will, I am blissfully and happily unaware. I don’t chat up people to see how things are on the other team , I don’t seek out any in depth details on how their runs go (other than to know the bosses are downed and that sorta thing). And sure, I’ll own up to feeling demoralized when my team was stuck on Marrowgar week after week while the other team was progressing nicely, I don’t know what our particular hang up was. Was it the fact that we had 2 regular healers (my Holy Pally and a shammie) and sometimes a third priest we conned into healing for the fight? Was it that we were melee light? Was it the fact that coldfire+people=bad times? A combo of these and/or many factors I’m unaware of? Perhaps. We did lose one person, to what I assume was not-happiness over not progressing and he’s in another of the groups now, and hopefully it’s a better fit for him. 

But our RL ( /mooooo!) did a smart thing by DOING something about it and said “We’ll hit up ToC10, kill, maim and destroy and get better geared up than we are now. We’ll do the weekly, we’ll try Marrowgar when we can, but let’s focus for now on improving our gear and we’ll see how that goes” (muchly paraphrased, but you get the idea). So we did and between that and having occasional help from the alts of 2 of the main group, we’ve gotten as far as Precious and Princess. We waved at Festergut and his equally ugly counterpart, but haven’t attempted them yet.  

My point, really, in all this is: we have 3 10 man teams and they work. What’s our sekrit? Could be alot of different factors. The GM and officers are spread out between the groups so each one has strong leadership. We have good peeps who aren’t egomaniacs, and if someone does have an ego/jealous/rawr moment, it’s dealt with. If we’re stuck on progression, we don’t beat our head against the wall til it’s a bloody pulp, we change things around. Folks from other groups occasionally ‘guest run’ with another group, either to help them with a boss strat or because they need people and have an alt they can bring in that week. I don’t personally think of it as the A Team and our B Team and the C Team…each team has strong leaders and good players, it’s not like one team is loaded with all the “All Stars” of the guild and the rest have to deal with the leftovers. I like when Karatheya says

never use the terms “Team A” and “Team B”.  No matter how you try, these names (or any names from a set which has a defined sorting order like numbers) is a bad idea.  The connotations of superiority are just too hard to overcome.  Instead, use completely unrelated terms, or even made up words.  I wouldn’t recommend going with pop culture references, in case they are polarizing (e.g. Team Spock vs Team Kirk).  Quick: which is better: “Team Mittens” or “Team Flügelhorn”?

Which is why I am proud to say I’m Endyme, and I’m in Team Happy Fun Times Crew (aka: Team Bacon or whatever our RL or another teammate decides sounds like a good name for the week)!!


About Holly

I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to Go Team Happy Fun Times Crew!

  1. youyankityoutankit says:

    “The Friday Group” now has a name. We are “The Wrecking Crew” Arthas is getting some home improvement whether he likes it or not 😛

    • Endyme says:

      Woot! I hope he doesn’t mind you rearranging his place and killing his bodyguards (that’s what all those bosses are, right? 🙂 )

      Wreck on!

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