Random thoughts of a random nature

  • Progress on the wee druid is coming along. When I started playing her again, she was 18 and she’s 22 now. I’ve gotten her the heirloom shoulders/chest/staff, the most heirloom items any one of my alts has ever had…and it is freakin fantastic! I’ve even healed through a Deadmines run, and though it was with guildies, we were all appropriately leveled for the Deadmines…which marks the first time in quite awhile I’ve not been lead through there as nothing more than a glorified loot-picker-upper, soaking up XP as I go. It was so fun! I’m playing the role of a healer (which I love) but one that’s new and different and has HoT’s!! HoT’s are AWESOME and made of win. It takes a certain amount of trust that the ticks’ll keep on going. I’m not used to that and it’s slightly stressful right now. I’m used to being on a paladin, seeing someone who needs a shit-ton of healing and casting Holy Light and seeing them get all better LIKE THAT. On the druid, it’s not quite the same.
  • Endy 2.0 is now 47 and inching closer to the time when I think I’m going to respec her to Holy once and for bloody all. I figure she can get to 51 and be able to drill all the way down the Holy tree to Bacon and that will make everything better. *sniff sniff* Can you smell it? It’s the smell of bacon, nice crispy bacon. Mmmm. Y’know, leveling up a paladin nowadays is a whole different ball of wax than it was back in Vanilla. One thing that made me cry (after I got over lol’ing at myself for not training since level 42) was that you can now train to get your epic Charger. Just….poof, done! Why, back in my day, I had to go on this long and not entirely inexpensive quest chain that ended up in Scholomance where I was shaking like a leaf trying to remember in what order you judged what mobs and we had to walk uphill in the snow, both ways and, and….yeah. It’s not like that now. Kids these days have it so easy! I’m also noticing that there really isn’t much in the way of gear just for Holy Pallies as a lowbie. My ‘healing set’ is a mish-mosh of cloth, leather, mail and plate. My ‘healing weapon’ has no healing stats to it whatsoever (but that’s also because greens on the server she’s on go for insane gold and I’m not spending that much for a flipping green). Back when I leveled the first Endyme, I didn’t know ALOT, so I probably just grabbed whatever. It gets better the higher in level you are, but lowbies get shafted.
  • My DK, Celrina, got to go into ICC the other day! Wooohoo! One of the groups my guild has was appearantly short some people on Tuesday and I got to go sub in. It was scary awesome. I died some, but alot of it is just that I’m not used to those fights as anything other than a healer. Mistakes were expected (well, I was expecting them) and hopefully I learned from them and will be better for next time, whenever that should be. We got all the way up to Saurfang, and while nothing of the plate DPS variety dropped, I got experience and frost emblems. Enough frost emblems to buy the last Primordial Saronite needed to craft Endyme’s new healy boots. Win!
  • That’s pretty much it with Endyme: new boots. I’ve been walking around in boots from Ulduar since…oh, about a year now. They’re getting kinda worn. Most of my other gear is shiney and has that ‘new gear’ smell. The only smell the boots had was the ‘toe jam funk’ smell and they needed to go something fierce! I haven’t been fortunate enough to see boots that would be an upgrade for me drop, and eventually I said “Screw waiting, I’m getting the Protectors of Life made and that’ll be that!” I finally got the last of the mats together Tuesday and a guildie crafted them (thanks Ven!). I was SO EXCITED, the people I was in Vent with were probably lol’ing at my glee. Someone suggested that I link my new boots in guild and it’s just….not my thing to link upgrades usually. It’s a personal thing, I suppose. But /squee! New boots!!!! Of course, what dropped from Marrowgar tonight, mere days after I got my boots crafted? That’s right. Some lovely plate healy boots. As the only Holy Pally in the raid, I got them anyway, but….seriously, loot gods? SERIOUSLY?
  • Random RL tidbit: I’m going to Italy in 2 weeks!! I’ll be there 2 weeks and I’m rather excited as you might imagine. It’s a tour, so I’ll be going all over the darn place. Rome, Milan, Venice, Siena, Florence…. The artist in me is squeeing at the thought of seeing Michelangelo’s David and the Sistine Chapel and possibly DaVinci’s Last Supper. The Pantheon! St. Mark’s Square! Eeeeee! Further revealing what a dork I am: I’ve heard of Twi-hards actually trekking over to Volterra, Italy (where some of the characters are from and some action happens) to see it for themselves. Well good on them, but I’m a fan of the Vampire Diaries and while I’m not going there BECAUSE of the books, I’ll certainly be thinking about them whilst in Florence, where 2 of the main characters are from. I made a brief post on my guild forums to just go ‘Hey guys, heads up. I’m gonna disappear for 2 weeks.” and I think the RL of the 10 man group I run with had a minor panic attack. She and I are the only ‘regular’ healers of the group. We sometimes con one of the priests to go heals for certain fights, but their first love is deepees. I think one of our newer leafy alts may step in and offer his heals in my absence, so the group will be in good hands (or rather, branches)!

P.S. Hi to all the new folks to the blog. I see I’ve had some new commenters and visitors! It’s still not where I want it to be, but I’m trying not to rush it. I’m still waiting to do some things, like make my way over to Blog Azeroth, since this lil place is still so new there’s not much to see. It needs more pics, for one. And more in depth posts about healing or something. I’m never gonna do any theorycrafting. It’s just not ME. I hate numbers and number crunching. Numbers are the devil. But for now I’m content to just ramble about things that cross my mind and hopefully spark some thoughts or discussion in others.


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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3 Responses to Random thoughts of a random nature

  1. puggingpally says:

    Mmm. I’d like some nice, crispy Bacon. The one that smells like Light! Soon, soon, my precious.

    Ooooh Italy! You will have so much fun ohmigosh. Blood orange juice! Gelato! Pizza! (Can you tell what I did when I was in Italy?) …My favourite thing about the Sistine Chapel was the Shushers. They let only so many people in at a time, and so there’s a crowd of people and they’re in the freaking SISTINE CHAPEL so gradually the hum of the crowd gets louder as people start talking above a whisper and the volume rises in excitement and then the men in suits clap their hands and go, “Shhhhh, shhhhh,” and everyone simmers down until a few minutes later it happens again. Aw man, I want to go back. Please take many pictures and post? Even if they are not WoW-related?

  2. Kanrad says:

    Grats again on the boots, and of course tonight the healy plate legs dropped. Exactly one week after i got crafted legs made =P

  3. Inq says:

    Endy my love, Celrina did a great job with us.
    You were light on your feet and situational aware.
    You did some good DPS and we all loved having you.
    Maybe I’m bias but hey, it’s me.

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