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Endy and her Amazing Techicolor Gear

Been meaning to post this. Sometimes, your gear just gels. It all looks good, be it because it’s Tier gear or random happenstance. And then there’s times like this, where you look like you blindly russled around your closet in … Continue reading

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Tabard contest!

My guild is having a tabard contest, so I’m posting my idea here so I can share with the masses (and use the blog so I can link this post in the forums, seeing as I don’t have a photobucket … Continue reading

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Should I finally get dual spec?

So I read a post over on DI the Tank in which Pheadra talked about some specs a Holy Pally could potentially chose from. I’ve been Holy/Ret since WotLK came out and haven’t so much as looked at it since then. In … Continue reading

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Endy 3.0 of Single Abstract Noun

Just a screenie I took whilst slaying undead out in the Plaguelands. I’ve missed having a perma-ghoul. My other DK’s are Blood, and while I enjoy that spec, I miss having Rotsmasher, or Cryptstalker or whatever his name is this … Continue reading

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Go Team Happy Fun Times Crew!

Karatheya of Cold Comfort made a post I somehow found my way to via one of the many blogrolls I’ve perused and it made me think, a practice I occasionally engage in. He/She makes a point to say that the post … Continue reading

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A guild of bloggers and those who read em

My blogging guildie told me about a guild that’s on Argent Dawn for bloggers the other day. It’s called Single Abstract Noun and the US version of it was started by Miss Medicina and any who blog or are blog … Continue reading

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Random thoughts of a random nature

Progress on the wee druid is coming along. When I started playing her again, she was 18 and she’s 22 now. I’ve gotten her the heirloom shoulders/chest/staff, the most heirloom items any one of my alts has ever had…and it … Continue reading

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