Of leveling an alt and bandwagons

A few months back, I made a druid on my new server, partially to make my character list less empty and partially because I had it in my head that someday it’d be nice to have a second healer. One that could do many magical things like HoT up people and rez in combat and have more than 2 healing spells. One that wasn’t a paladin, basically.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Endy. Love, love, love with sugar on top (the real kind, not that fake stuff) and sprinkles and caramel…..mmm, kinda hungry now. Where was I? Oh yes. Love mah Endy. But as I said before, I love *healing* and I’d really like to have another healer to be able to compare the different styles of healing for myself. Shaman was right out. Too many totems…it’s overwhelming to think about. Priest is out. I have one on another server, she’s 70 and was Shadow for all of it, but still…been there, done that. Druid? I have one stuck in her 20’s I never played enough to get a grasp on it. Alrighty then. Druid it was!

Well, the wee druid never got very far for the longest time due to me focusing on leveling and then gearing up my DK and raiding on Endy. And trying to not drop of the radar of the people on my other server and it’s goings on. And oh, RL. That fits in there somewhere. My recent post about why I heal got me thinking on it again, though. Coincidentally, another person in my guild who nowadays plays his Holy Pally as his main was working on *his* druid healer and just got him to 80 like, last week. Riiiight around the time I’m all “hmmm, druid….must level.” So it may look like I’m trying to be cool like Kan (*waves at Kan*) but I’m not. Not that he’s not cool, or anything. But I wanna be my own kinda cool. Yeah. >.>  I’m not a bandwagon jumper on-er, me. I didn’t even buy all the Saints gear that was being sold like mad when they were on their way to (and then winning!!) the Superbowl. I was tempted, but I didn’t wanna jump on the bandwagon of Saints mania. But hearing him talk about the differences in pally vs druid healing have me quite excited to level my wee one up.  Let the games begin!!! 

/queue’s Olympic music

First step was to get her all decked out in heirloom items. I got her everything but a trinket (didn’t have enough emblems). It’s the first time one of my alts has had this many heirloom bits. She looks all shiney and feathery! With a wicked looking staff that trails green sparks behind it. Rawr. Second step was to get her to human lands, which I know oh-so-much better than elf lands. I can level blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back in human lands until I hit STV-ish and then it’s a bit more open to going a few different places to level. Plus I can use the new LFD system alot. Which I will once I get WAY past the level range of Gnomer. I HATE GNOMER WITH THE FIREY PASSION OF A THOUSAND, NAY A MILLION, SUNS. MY HATRED OF THAT HORRID INSTANCE KNOWS NO BOUNDS. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!

So, *cough*, anywho….everyone was suggesting I level feral, which I hear makes things a ton easier. And much like leveling a priest as shadow is probably easier on things, it’s not the ONLY way and it’s not what I wish to do. I’m just not interested in feral-ness. I know, I know, if I’ve never tried it, how do I know for sure? I don’t. But I do know I wish to level as or near-ish to the spec I wanna be when/if I hit 80. So I’ll probably do some mutt spec that’ll make people cringe for awhile, some blend of Resto with some Balance tossed in so I can pewpew halfway descent. At least until a certain level, 40-50? *shrug* Then I’ll clean it up so I can not make people go into shock when they look at my spec.

I’m off to try to find some druidy blogs to inform my ignorant self on what all they can do, how best to level them, what stats to look for and all that in the meantime. Anyone know some good druid blogs?


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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