Progress is awesomesauce!

My guild raids 25 man content on the weekend and we usually hit up ToC and hammer away at ICC. We can pretty consistently get down all of ToC 25 content, but we’ve only gotten Marrowgar down in 25 man…until last night. We went in and kicked some ass and took some names. Marrowgar, down in one shot. Deathwhisper took 2 tries (but we ALMOST had her down the first time). Gunship? We were on a boat that was still standing when all was said and done. Saurfang? Pfffft. He took 2 tries as well, but really, none of us had seen the fight on 25 man before and I’d only seen it once on 10 man. We even got the Gone and Made a Mess achievement.

On a boat and having a blast. U c whut I did there?

Progress + gear upgrades = good times!

Upgrades were gotten all around, it was great! One of our hunters got this bow from Deathwhisper that has the flavor text “Kneel before him” because the name of the bow had Zod in it. I forget who got it, but a staff dropped from Deathwhisper that has a chance to summon a Valkyr to help fight with you. Nifty. The gunship dropped a healy plate belt that was an upgrade from the belt I got the other week, but the other holy pally was higher on the DKP list and I didn’t even bother rolling. I’m happy he got it! I’ll get it next time. *nods* A nice melee ring dropped from Marrowgar, I think. 2 uber awesome token (T10?) bits dropped from Saurfang. Basically…alot of folks got upgrades and that’s always awesome to see. Nobody likes to see gear get sharded, especially when it’s what is for us, cutting edge content.

Plus, how awesome was it that we didn’t just make *some* progress, but smashed the whole first ‘wing’ after only previously getting one boss down. It felt really good. After Saurfang and ‘Frogger 2.0’, we went for the mini-boss, the Valkyr lady I don’t know the name of, and got a frost badge. It’s nights like these where I think “This is why I play. To hang with fun people, goof off, progress through content we’re working on, gear up guildies and everyone’s happy.” I try and enjoy nights like that. Part of me (the cynical part that’s played WoW for 5 years) always expects the next bout of drama to come barreling around the corner unexpectedly. I hate thinking like that, but I’ve been burnt enough times by it. Maybe that’s why I try to be a ‘guild cheerleader’, encouraging folks and always adding a “Woohoo, go team!” and being as cheerful as I can to spread the happy.

Wooohoo, go team!!!


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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5 Responses to Progress is awesomesauce!

  1. Kanrad says:

    We Rule, and i wish i had know the belt was a big upgrade for you. I woulda let you have it =(

    • Endyme says:

      Not as massive an upgrade as the belt I had vs the one I have now. I’m happy, and you shouldn’t worry, Kan. We’ll get it again and I’ll get my turn. I’d have felt bad for asking you to not roll, even though you’d earned your DKP fair and square.

      I was honestly just happy we got as far as we did as easily as we did. We’re getting more bad ass!

  2. Katryna says:

    I swear, except for some details that indicate this is not the case (you use a DKP system, got an achievement, etc.), you could be from my guild. Srsly.

    Well, that and we wiped on Marrowgar once because one tank DC’d and the other had critical computer failure.

    Grats on your progress! 🙂

    • Endyme says:

      What if I am in your guild? *dramatic pause* Heh, that is wierd, but there are enough fish out in the WoW sea that you’ll get guilds and people across servers that are quite similar to each other.

      Ouch…wipes that are completely beyond your control (computer freezing, server restart, etc) suck so much. Wipes that are your fault suck too, but at least you can work to correct the problems you cause. There’s no predicting some things.

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