Grid wisdom

I’ve used Grid over 2 years now (I know this because I found an old and scary looking screenie from my old laptop dated to just over 2 years ago when I had both Grid and the Xperl raid frames up cause I was just getting used to Grid. I’d post it but….it’s best not to. I’m amazed I used to raid with that UI). It’s a pretty awesome addon. The addon I love the most and would pick in a heartbeat (though Bartender would tempt me) if I had to pick just one to use. It’s an addon I first used on my healer but have found it to be useful even on my non-healers. It tells you SO MUCH in teensy lil squares. Class, name, how much health/mana they have, buffs, debuffs, aggro, incoming heals, I could go on for awhile. Great space saver, Grid.

This may be a grid, but this is not THE Grid.

You can configure Grid to show a whole plethora of things. PLETHORA. I like that word. Sounds fancy. Though my current favorite word is ‘fortuitous’. Aaaanywho….for awhile now I’ve wanted to find an addon that will show me when my Bacon and Sacred Shield are up and who they’re on so I can know instantly when to refresh them. Sometimes I have them both on the same person, sometimes, not. I have one addon that will make an announcement in my chat frame in red text that says Beacon of Light has faded off Endyme, which is nice, but not exactly what I want. I’ve had folks suggest addons, like Zomg Buffs, TellMeWhen and one unpronouncable jumble of letters like ‘cpque’ or something. I tried Zomg Buffs and maybe I’m just not typing out the exact right command, but I can’t get it to work. *shakes fist angrily at the heavens*

So in my lurkiness around the healing and general WoW type blogs, I came across this gem on The Physician’s Log and it was exactly what I needed. Dristanel details how you can add in any buff you want, in this case Bacon, and have it show up in your Grid boxes. I followed the same instructions to add Sacred Shield. So now Bacon and Sacred Shield show up in my left hand corner if they’re from me and THERE, and when they drop off, the indicator goes away. I hadn’t messed with Grid configurations in a long time and didn’t realize there was such an easy answer to my problem. Yeah, I could have an addon with big flashy buttons that pop up and I click and it rebuffs my Bacon and Sacred Shield and it would rock. But this solution is nice and allows me to use one addon where I might use 2. I’ll still keep the Beacon of Light addon, since it’s so light space wise, and gives me another “HEY YOU, your buff wore off” warning to see in case I miss the indicator going away on Grid (which you would hope I wouldn’t, as much as I stare at Grid in raids).

As someone who once limited the addons she had because she was scared her old computer couldn’t handle it, I think this would be lovely for people who are trying to do alot with as little as possible. Grid holds the keys to my heart. Well, that and Bacon. So mad props Dristanel, I’m one happy pally.


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to Grid wisdom

  1. crankyhealer says:

    You can get fancy and have bacon show up and have numbers showing when it’s gonna fade. You just have to install a couple more plugins.

    1. gridstatushots
    2. gridindicatorcornertext or gridindicatorsidetext

    Then use “my bacon” from the gridstatushots options (not the generic aura: bacon). You can configure “My bacon” within gridstatushots to fade to a different color when it’s about to expire.

    Make sure you use the “corner text” or “side text” option to display. Then you get a pretty COUNTDOWN so you know when it’s about to drop.

    Alternatively, or in addition, for something as important as bacon, you can use needtoknow/dotimer/classtimer (timer bar) and/or power auras (big fat indicator). What’s nice about power auras is that you can have a big annoying icon/glow/whatever appear in the middle of your screen when bacon fades, and it won’t go away until you refresh it.

    Check out A healadin’s tear article on needtoknow. There’s a section especially for the holy pally.

    Some photo of annoying power auras in the middle of the screen, class timer, and dotimer in my ui series:

    • Endyme says:

      I had actually seen your addon posts and Power Auras looked interesting to me. I’ve tried to not go too addon heavy, probably a habit from the past, when I had my laptop and was afraid of overburdening it. Plus I’ve seen screenshots of some people’s UI’s and just…it made my eyes bleed. I aim to keep my screen as uncluttered as it can be.

      But Power Auras I just might give a whirl, because it could be helpful on my other toons, not just for Bacon reminders and such. I’m specifically thinking of Horn of Winter on my DK. It’s what I was hoping to get from Zomg Buff’s, but it just didn’t seem to work for me.


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