Gear that never drops

I’m sure we all have that one item that just WILL NOT DROP for us. Some item you lust after and run where it drops ad nauseum until you’re blue in the face. And despite your efforts, you just can’t seem to get it to drop. Or if you do see it drop, someone else also wants it and you lose the roll. Better yet, you see it drop, nobody at all wants it, but you’re ON YOUR ALT! Or maybe you’re on one of your toons and someone in guild goes “Hey, lookit what I just got! [link of item you want]! It’s all you can do to type out a quick “Grats”, while silently cursing to high heaven. Curse the loot gods, curse theeeeem!

For my paladin, said item was Bracers of Justice. The Maiden in Karazhan was an evil vicious bitch who just decided to thumb her nose at me and never drop those in my presence, except once when I think I was on my rogue and they dropped. I forget exactly. Eventually I saved up enough Badges of Justice to buy some nice healing bracers and that was that. But oh, I still burned with hatred at Maiden. I still had thoughts of rolling on those Bracers, should I ever see them drop.  No dice. Eventually, we all moved on to bigger and better dungeons, but I’ll not soon forget Maiden of Justice and her unwillingness to part with her bracers. NEVER FORGET!

My current ‘gear item that just won’t drop’ is Needle-Encrusted Scorpion. My DK, Celrina, is swimming in hit. The last thing she needs is more of it. Which sucks for me because the Triumph emblem trinkets are all about the hit. I’m trying to replace Crusader’s Locket…it’s not BAD, but it’s green and it bugs me. I’ve run FoS alot. ALOT. Fortunately, I like that instance. Fairly short, not overly difficult, chance to drop a Battered Hilt (I won’t lie, I’d probably sell it. I try to be a nice, generous sort, but….I mean…..those things sell for a TON). I’ve seen it drop only once, and I lost the roll to a warrior (dunno his spec, but he was DPSing). I could downgrade my Triumphs to whatever Emblems I’d need to by the Mirror of Truth, but I keep thinking as soon as I do that, the Scorpion will drop. It’s a vicious cycle. Of course, on my last trip into FoS, some lovely pally healing boots dropped, which sadly would be an upgrade for Endy. Her boots are her worst piece of gear, I think.

So what item refuses to drop for you (all my loyal…um…3 or 4 readers)? Did you ever get it or did you buy/settle/craft something else? And did it then drop the first time you went back to wherever it drops?


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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11 Responses to Gear that never drops

  1. puggingpally says:

    Nevermelting Ice Crystal. I’ve been running H PoS every day trying to get that thing for my boomkin, and I’ve never even seen it drop.

    But my real albatross was the Spark of Hope in Ulduar. I healed Ulduar as my druid for months and Kologarn never, ever dropped it. After I joined my current guild playing my mage, guess what he dropped our first time past him…

    I’m pretty sure I made the sound of ultimate suffering, no hyperbole! I guess Blizz is doing a good job of keeping trinkets rare and hard to obtain, just as they want, because the things we seem to want are all trinkets!

  2. Ophelie says:

    That healing shield from Chess in Kara. Took about 7 months. I think I eventually got it mere weeks before Wrath dropped.

    Obviously, the very next day after I got my Chess shield, the slightly better shield from ZA dropped.

    At the moment, I don’t have my eye on anything in particular. I got very lucky with drops in ToGC and that gear combined with the badge gear is enough to keep me going for awhile.

  3. Endyme says:

    @ Puggingpally: Ouch. Naturally it would drop the first time in on another toon. It’s like Blizzard KNOWS and wants to rub it in your face that you’re on the wrong toon and haha! Look what dropped! I feel your pain.

    @ Ophelie: I think it took me awhile to get the Chess shield as well. I was using the one that dropped off Nightbane as a ‘stand in’ shield and waited and waited for that Chess shield to drop (and for me to win the roll). It was a good day when I finally got it. I have to say, I liked the look of it better than the one from ZA because after hitting up ZA awhile, with the shield plus other assorted gear pieces, I ended up looking like I’d gone native…with all the skulls and wood and feathery bits. Srsly, the pancake shoulders (as I called them) with the skulls on em? Not very (holy) paladin like.

    Just like my current shield, now that I think about it. Marrowgar has no fashion sense. Oh, I sense another blog idea coming on. Hmmm. WoW and Fashion: Why you have to look horrible to be your best!

  4. Vorastrix says:

    Reign of the Unliving. There’s a reason that I’m camping the #1 spot on SKG right now, waiting for it to drop off of Anub.

    There’s also any and all things Judgement for Xabre. when I first made him, back in the days when the FIRST Naxxramas was opening, I always wanted him to have a full set of it. ‘Course we never raided before Kara. Now I’m hoping for Ony to drop the pimped out hat when I tank, but she hatez me.

    • Endyme says:

      So as soon as it drops can we instantly expect the text to pop up that Vorastrix has put in a bid? I certainly hope it drops and you’re lucky enough to be there when it does. 🙂

      Man, I sure wanted the Judgement set for Endy something fierce back in the day when I was a noob raider, heading into MC and BWL. But that was just before Burning Crusade came out and interest in raiding dropped off something fierce about a month away from it being released. And I never got the chance. All I got was the Judgement Helm, from old skool Ony and it’s sitting in my bank, where I can look at it and go “Oooh ahhh”

      • Vorastrix says:

        Xabre’s actually be farming up the old ‘purple judgement’ set lately, mostly as a RP set. they were a set of purple colored judgement pieces from BC… actually all healing plate, if I recalled. Dropped off various bosses in the BC instances. Xabre can effectively tank/solo them, even on heroic, though it can be slow some days. I’ve gotten about 2/3 of the pieces (there was a piece for every slot), but I think I’m missing the shoulders of all the pieces that would ‘show’. Sadly it’s not the real thing, but….

        And yes, I think Inq even knows not to bother with a bid if it drops when I’m there. 🙂

  5. Jason says:

    My cat has rotten trinket luck. Banner of Victory won’t drop in Trial, and Scorpion won’t drop in Forge.

    The worst part of the Trial was that I had a truly extraordinary run of getting Eadric the Pure instead of Paletress…many standard deviations away from normal. The worst part of the Scorpion drought is that the one time it dropped the healer hit Need and won it. (And he knew he was wrong, ’cause he dropped group deciseconds after the thing landed in his bag.)

    Icecrown Citadel is being stingy with the tank gear, too, but I don’t want to get started on that.

  6. Endyme says:

    Still no Scorpion trinket. *sigh* I think that if I still haven’t gotten it by the time I have saved up 40 Triumph emblems, I’ll just go ahead and downgrade them to Heroisms and get the Mirror of Truth or something.

  7. Endyme says:

    Trinket finally drops (only the second time I’ve seen it). Guess who got it?

    One guess,


    Victorian (realm withheld cause I’m too nice even when I’m mean), you’re a jerkface.

  8. Katryna says:

    I’ve only been raiding for a short amount of time, and before that I didn’t even do heroics, so lol me. But right now I’m trying to get the Protector of Frigid Souls ( to drop off of Scourgelord Tyrannus. I didn’t know it dropped off normal at first, so most of my time has been wasted in running heroic Pit of Saron over and over again but never getting to the last boss because my group would dissolve just after Krick & Ick.

    Incidentally, normal PoS is not nearly as bad as heroic, plus it helped me learn to use my resist auras. (Lolwut? I have an aura other than Concentration?)

  9. Andy says:

    Tyrannical Beheader drops almost every time for me on my warlock but i need Engraved Gargoyle Femur from H PoS BUT i also need Tyrannical Beheader on my DK but almost every time i run H PoS the Femur drops… It’s the only piece i need before i can get a 5k GS :/ also i need the Needle-Encrusted Scorpion on my DK but I’ve only seen it one time and a warrior won it i feel you man… lol

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