So I silently loiter around various blogs, hoping to see how things are done and how to arrange things, what to say, etc etc. If I see a blog I like, what’s the thing to do? Just add it to my blogroll? Ask the person who runs it if I can add their blog to my oh-so-measly blogroll? Is there some kind of accepted way to meet-n-greet with other bloggers? Are they gonna laugh in my face and ask me just what makes me awesome enough to be in their presence? There’s one I’m looking at right now, and I like her style and what she says and even how the blog looks….what’s a girl to do?

Oh, and anyone know what this RSS feed thing is all about? I’m in the dark about that one.

And another thing, I have (I think) figured out how to put links in my posts, but how do I get the preview to show up nice and big when you hover over it? I somehow managed to manipulate the HTML to make a link show up, go me! I almost couldn’t get it to end and then I discovered the </a> command and that seemed to do something. Oy!


About Holly

I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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8 Responses to Query

  1. youyankityoutankit says:

    Typically I’ll just link it on my blogroll page [I like a separate page for all my links].

    Also, most of the bloggers welcome comments. I will say I about died when I commented on a post by BigBearButt and he then commented on a post of mine, but yaknow… Just sorta mingle.

  2. Endyme says:

    I think until I get my blog looking well, better (as in get more STUFF on it), the less people that are seeing it, the better. I also suffer from extreme shyness and hate bringing attention to myself (yeah yeah, then why did I start a blog, I know) and suffer from the “what do i have to offer?” feeling.

    I’m gonna try to think up a thing or two to put up, talking about pallies or erm, WoW and why I play or the social aspect of it, why we play, raiding from the perspective of a creative type like me (I’m more visual and learn by doing than reading up on stuff), something. Maybe how I have a decked out level 80 pally and am leveling another one and omg the LFD system is really quite awesome for leveling.


  3. puggingpally says:

    I don’t think you need ask to add folks to your blogroll (at least I haven’t). Sometimes people will drop by and comment if they see they’re getting links from a link on your blog. And if you have something to say and comment, people might follow your comment and see what’s going on. (Ta da!) and hear all about the Bacon. 😀 You just can’t go wrong!

  4. Endyme says:

    Oh, my first non-guildie visitor! Hi there! I’m just trying to get a feel for the blog-o-sphere, and the rules therein. I feel like I’ve jumped into a pool and realized I didn’t know how to swim and wow, there’s more to it than I thought! I haven’t added but one guidie’s blog to my blogroll cause I’m trying to flesh out the blog, find my voice, figure out just what I’m doing and all that before I go out and direct attention my way.

    I like your blog, by the by, cause it reminds me I’m leveling up my own pally (well, a second one). She’s 45 and I want to make her Holy NOW, but I don’t wanna be a wuss when it comes to doing quests. I figure I’ll get her to maybe 60, then just change over for good. Yeah, I’m too cheap for dual specs.

    Mmmmm, bacon.

  5. Endyme says:

    Well, I’m still a smidge confused about what this RSS feed thing is all about, but a few of the blogs I’ve visited mention it’s a good thing to have. Hope I configured it right. I feel like I’m a blind person stumbling around and hearing what I should do and trying it as best I can guess and seeing what happens! Weee!

  6. Endyme says:

    Ok, not sure what the difference b/t a Gravatar and the icon that will show up across various WordPress blogs, but um..hopefully I did something that’ll display a nice picture of my toon vs the Gravatar default icon.

  7. Endyme says:

    Attempts at displaying a Gravatar have failed. More research to come. Please stand by.

  8. Endyme says:

    Interesting. The image I uploaded appears on *other* sites, just not my own blog. I do not get it. Grrrrrr!

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