Why I don’t like PvP servers

Background before storytime:

Velyana, my Death Knight on Scarlet Crusade, is the only 80 I have there. She’d been fairly neglected since I transferred my main over the ThoBro last summer, sitting pretty in her mix of Naxx/heroic/crappy quest gear and her Unholy spec. I decided to start giving her some attention, in case my guildies on SC needed me to help out with anything. (They asked once, when they were in ICC and I was horrified. My maaaaaybe 2k DPS in ICC? *snicker*) I’m not on on a regular basis, so I don’t raid with them, but if I’m on and they needed me, I’d like to be able to at least be SOME help. I’ve been doing some heroics and gathering my Emblems and slowly but surely her gear is getting better. I say slowly because my attention and most of my time is dedicated to ThoBro and raiding and such over there and splitting time between 2 servers is hard, yo! I also respecced her to Blood (she’d been Unholy since I created her the very first night Lich King was out) after holding out awhile. I’d wanted my 2 Death Knights to be different and I was paying more attention to and having better luck DPS’ing with Celrina (the DK on ThoBro), and I was getting pretty self-conscious about Velyana the times I was on her. So to help with that, I went ahead and specced her the same as Celrina, figuring it’d make things less confusing if they had the same spec so I can easily swap from one to another and not waste time looking for abilities that aren’t there. Her gear is better now, but still not all it can be. In short, I go into every PuG expecting someone to lol at my DPS and /vote kick me.

Now, gather around one and all, I have a brief tale of low IQ and horrifying vocabulary to share:

SO. Last night, I decide to do one more random heroic after my first of the night (an Oculus run that went rather well, surprisingly). I just needed 4 more Triumphs and I would be able to get a nice ring, a big upgrade for me! I queue up, and a bit later the screen pops up and it’s VH! I love VH! This should be…

“Get the f$%# in here”

Quick and easy?

“Excuse me?” I manage to sputter in party chat.


“Wow, no need to be so rude.” I reply, at this point noting that 3 of the players are from the PvP realm Bonechewer (2 are guildies, one isn’t).

“Are you seriously f$%@ing talking?”

Now, at this point, I should have left. I even had my mouse hovering over the ‘Leave Group’ option. This was before anything had been started up, so I didn’t even have a chance to do anything for them to bitch and moan about DPS wise. I even thought about the perfect comeback (this morning unfortunately), “Yes, and now I am seriously f$#%ing leaving.”

I, however, didn’t leave then. Figuring I’d just keep on keepin on til they either said something else offensive or booted me I stuck around, doing not super stellar DPS, but not completely embarassing. Surprisingly, they didn’t do either. Only one more thing was said the whole run, by the jerk of a tank…something about “this is f#%#ing rediculous, I’m switching to my ret set”. Run finished, I left without my usual “ty, thanks for the group!” They all got mean notes in my Elitest Group mod. Take that, jerks! Maybe I’ll even put them on ignore.

I’m mildly upset at myself for not leaving when I had half a mind to. I should have. But unlike some of my guildies (*cough*Askevar*cough*), I don’t seem to get lumped in with epic crap tons of stupid alot. Lucky me?I’ve had the bad apple of the group from time to time, 2 people griping back and forth, whatever. Nothing like the horror stories I’ve heard from guildies or read on various people’s blogs. Only one other time have I been REALLY affected by a group of utter fail (in recent memory, anywho…I have been playing this game awhile). It was in HoR and is the reason I really despise that place. So I guess what I’m saying is I have a higher tolerance for moments like this when they happen. I’m also one of those people that can’t think of the cool, witty thing to say until after the moment has come and been long gone….there was a movie with a character like this I cannot recall what it was. It may have been with Sarah Michelle Gellar, something about being a witch? Aaaaanywho….

So apparently there are some assholes on a PvP server. Shocker, right?


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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One Response to Why I don’t like PvP servers

  1. youyankityoutankit says:

    No offense, but I’m quite glad you don’t have my luck with pugs :P. I think only Daraxxus over on Scarlet Crusade has the luck I do.

    I’ve actually taken the last two days off pugging, cept for Askevar, who I want to get daily frost every day.

    I will say, blogging about my adventures of QQ every week does help my outlook.

    And even some guy I talked with on a PVP server said it – People from PVP servers are jerks [he was a TAD more colorful in this observation, granted]. We also have a LARGE number of PVP servers in our battle group, so eh…

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