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Of leveling an alt and bandwagons

A few months back, I made a druid on my new server, partially to make my character list less empty and partially because I had it in my head that someday it’d be nice to have a second healer. One … Continue reading

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Why I heal (and love it)

“Healing is so stressful!” This has been said in response to theĀ “Tanking would stress me out” statements I make when people even vaguely hint at getting me tank something Tanks have to know which mobs to attack first, who does … Continue reading

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Progress is awesomesauce!

My guild raids 25 man content on the weekend and we usually hit up ToC and hammer away at ICC. We can pretty consistently get down all of ToC 25 content, but we’ve only gotten Marrowgar down in 25 man…until … Continue reading

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Grid wisdom

I’ve used Grid over 2 years now (I know this because I found an old and scary looking screenie from my old laptop dated to just over 2 years ago when I had both Grid and the Xperl raid frames … Continue reading

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Gear that never drops

I’m sure we all have that one item that just WILL NOT DROP for us. Some item you lust after and run where it drops ad nauseum until you’re blue in the face. And despite your efforts, you just can’t … Continue reading

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Truths of the game

I’ve played WoW long enough (5 years almost, to be exact) that I’ve noticed certain things about the game: There is always drama. No guild is immune to said drama. It is in how a guild handles it that may … Continue reading

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An Ode to Bacon

Beacon of Light how I love thee. Thou art the spell I love the most, the one that has saved many a toons’ bacon (*snicker*) whilst I heal some other member of the party and heals the individual the Beacon … Continue reading

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So I silently loiter around various blogs, hoping to see how things are done and how to arrange things, what to say, etc etc. If I see a blog I like, what’s the thing to do? Just add it to … Continue reading

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I’m on a boat!

Marrowgar, he who bones(pikes) people So the group that I go to ICC-10 with has been stuck at Marrowgar for awhile. We’ve gotten him (it?) down once before, and every other time it’s an It’s not that we’re untalented, cause … Continue reading

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Why I don’t like PvP servers

Background before storytime: Velyana, my Death Knight on Scarlet Crusade, is the only 80 I have there. She’d been fairly neglected since I transferred my main over the ThoBro last summer, sitting pretty in her mix of Naxx/heroic/crappy quest gear … Continue reading

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